About the fishing
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The permit fishing area in Nyköpingsån river is a section of the larger Nykoping-Oxelsunds sport fisheries.

The section maintains the fishing and the fishing permits in and around Nyköpingsån river on behalf of the Municipality of Nyköping. The work, the members of the section perform, consists of maintaining and developing the salmon and sea trout fisheries in the river.

The member’s diligent work has resulted in that Nyköpingsån river today ranks as one of the top Salmon and Sea trout streams in Sweden. This is evidenced by the a vast amount of catches of both trophy sized salmon, up to 23.6 kilos or 52 pounds, and sea trout up to 13 kilos or 29 pounds. All the work is performed by the members of Nyköpingsån river permit fishing area. The work includes supplementary stocking, habitat improvements, and maintaining a working relationship with the Municipality of Nyköping.

Rules for fishing and fishing permits in Nyköpingsån River

Fishing season: 1/1-15/9.
The fishing permit reserves the right to set limits for fishing by low water or special events.
Fishing permits: season permit, day permit and junior permit.
Youths written in Nyköping-Oxelösund can to the year they get 16 years old, buy a junior permit (season permit) to a reduced price.
Prices: season permit 800 SEK, day permit 100 SEK, junior permit 100 SEK (season permit).
The fishing permit is personal and shall be kept visible while fishing.
Fishing is only allowed from a handheld fishing rod.
Fishing from bridges is not allowed.
Minimum mesures: salmon 60 cm and sea trout 50 cm.
Fishing with lead sinkers is not allowed by environment reasons.
Using gaff is not allowed.
Allowed hooks: fly: singel- and double hook, hook gap 13 mm. On spoon and wobbler threehooks as well, hook gap 10 mm. Spoon and wobbler are not allowed with sinkers.
Catch limitations: two salmon related fishes per day permit. One salmon related fish per season permit and day. After reached limit the fishing shall be interrupted to give other fiskermen an opportunity.
A fault hooked fish (on the outside) or fish that is smaller than the minimum measure, shall in spite of its condition immediately be released.
Every two-day fishing and night fishing prohibition during 2/1-15/9, between Storhusqvarn and Korsbron, fly fishing uneven dates, spinn fishing even dates.
Fishing time 04.00-23.00, exeption 1/1 when fishing is allowed 00.00-23.00.
Fishing with natural bait is not allowed.
Angling with rod without reel and a top tied line (not longer than the rod) after not salmon related fish is allowed all year without fishing permit, exept between Korsbron and Forsbron.
Wading between Storhusqvarn and Korsbron, is only allowed 2 meters (7') from the shore by current water level.
In the Nyköpingsån River we are practising movable fishing. To make easier to other fishermen upstream fishing is not allowed.
Fly should be fished with a minimum of 1,5 meters (5') nylon leader.
From the angel of the brick wall and upstream to the turbines of Storhusqvarn is a Fly fishing only area.
Spinn fishing upstream the mark of the wall is not allowed.
It is not allowed to leave lines, cans and similar by the river.
Breaking the rules heavily can result in action from the police.

The fishing permit area of Nyköpingsån River